Thursday, December 13, 2012

Your Mother Taught You Better

Some people do things that are just annoying to the point of rudeness.

Early Saturday morning, I was at the supermarket. I make a list of things to buy to make it quicker for me to get out and to the many other things on my busy schedule.

I am almost done, in the last aisle. Someone was so gracious by leaving his carriage right in the middle of the aisle so not to let others by.

"Be patient" I told myself. I did just that. For a total of five minutes. So I took the liberty of moving it to one side to allow people to pass through.

The young man whose carriage I moved didn't appreciate that. he was downright rude to the point of high offense.

But I held my temper in check. It wasn't easy.

I get what I needed and get in line at the checkout. The lady in front of me puts all her stuff on the belt ,and of course, she forgot something. She held the line up for about ten minutes.

I thinking about how bad this day has started.

While I wait, there was lady behind me who had three young boys. One these boys was pushing the carriage back and forth, though told several times from his mom to stop.

He stopped alright. After he hit me in the back of the legs. And no apology was forthcoming.

After I finally get out of the store, taking several deep breaths to keep me calm, another young man is outside panhandling. He was polite when he made the request of me. and I told him politely no. That is when he said something under his breath. I said something in the attune of getting off his lazy ass and work. I didn't think he liked that.

I get home and bring the stuff inside. I then decide to go get some coffee. Arriving there, I see a elderly man with a walker struggle to get the door open.

"Let me get that for you sir" I said while I open the door. Several people actually when inside ahead of him, not allowing him to pass.

I mean, does anyone have manners anymore?

We live a fast world. It seems that people are either oblivious to how their behavior affects others, or they just don't care.

A simple "thank you" goes a long way, you know. And whatever happened to responding to that gratuitous saying with a simple "you're welcome" and not with "no problem"?

No one says "good morning". Or they respond to it with "is it'? Are you that grumpy?

Do you have to ripe your hands on your shirt? Or even worse: lick them.
Try using a napkin.

And for crying out loud, wash your hands when you use the rest room.

And please excuse yourself when you interrupt me while I am speaking. Better yet, wait until I am done. Is what your going to say that important?

Maybe I am just too sensitive, but why is it people don't think that have to practice reasonable good manners? Is it that they are not taught?

I guess maybe I have an antiquated way I look at things. But I know I was taught better than that, and I know they were too.

Any thoughts?

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Writer's Bloc

Good morning.  It's Monday again.  Don't you love Monday mornings?  You know, a reminder how short you weekend seemed to be and how long your week is going to be?

Seriously, though.  I figured I just write a little blog about bloc.  As in writer's bloc. The disability of a writer to produce new work.  Which is, for me, usually lasts a few days.  Though on occasion, it has lasted several months.