Friday, August 19, 2011

A Boy's Best Friend (Part 2)

For of those who missed the first part, here is the link below

His orange-yellow eyes were glued to me, with an expression that my inexperience could not understand. If was though he knew I look out that window and see if he was still there.

He begins to bark and spin in circles. His tail was wagging and his tongue was hanging out in a manner that indicated he might be thirsty from chasing me. My ambiguity made me anxious. I wanted to bring him water, but yet, I was to afraid he might attack me.

My mother, who watched this canine dance with me, told me that his behavior was more of a playful nature. She, having numerous dogs throughout her life, believed he was a young dog who had an aggressive but friendly manner that is often misunderstood for malcontent.  She also noticed, to confirm my guess, that he needed some water.

I walked to the nearby kitchen cabinet and grabbed and old plastic mixing bowl. I went tho the sink and filled it about three-quarters full of water fro the tap.  I then slowly walked to the kitchen table, placed the bowl done, and peeked out the window again.

He was still looking up at me, panting even worse now. He was laying on the grass closer to the house.

I battled to overcome my apprehension, finally deciding to take a chance to bring the dog some water.  I balanced the bowl precariously in my right hand while I opened the exit door with my left.  Even with my slow and deliberate movements, the water sloshed back and forth violently.  Small splashes escaped and fell to the floor, and I heard the loud voice of my mom fade away as I closed the door behind me.

I made my way down the stairs carefully holding the bowl in two hands so as not to spill more of the precious liquid. The trip toward the bottom was eventful because of the several times I almost fell down the stairs just trying to keep from dropping the bowl.

Finally, I made it to the door that lead outside. Putting the bowl down on the stairwell, I slowly opened the door, just cracking it enough so I could peek out.

I could only see his tail from this position. It was laying on the ground not moving. So I opened the door a little farther, in increments, until I saw his head.

He was looking at me, again. His wagged his tail and started barking. This time I told myself I would not show fear and see if my mom was right.

I placed the bowl only a the base of the porch. As I placed it on the ground, he got up and quickly moved closer. I ran up the stairs toward door, and he starting drinking like he never had water in his life.

I slowly crept closer and  sat down on the stoop, watching him with renewed interest. Studying him intently, I wondered if the owners were looking for such a beautiful dog.

He suddenly looked up and caught me staring at him. He crept closer,and I froze, knowing if I ran he would get me easily.

End of Part 2

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