Monday, August 1, 2011

It Takes A Village (Part 3)

I explained to him everything that happened, though I left Johnny's and Shane's name out of the story. I might of been thoughtless and destructive at times, but I wasn't a snitch.

Officer Sullivan's sudden glare now unnerved me. I decided that maybe, this was not a good idea on my part.

As I turned to leave, I felt a strong hand grip my shoulder and bring back around. Officer Sullivan crouched down so his face was even with mine.

"And where do you think your going?" He asked. And from his tone, I knew it was going to be an even worse day than it was already.

"So Mrs. Cavellini spanked your backside because you broke her window?" He asked.

"Yes, sir." I answered in the most respectful tone that I could muster. "It hurt bad."

"Well, it seems to me you couldn't be hurting with the way you were running. Could it now?" 

It did sting a bit when it happened, but with the adrenaline pumped through me, I really didn't feel that much discomfort when I decided the flight, over the obvious foolhardy, fight was in order.  

So I couldn't pull off a falsehood here.  "No, sir." That is all I could say.

No sooner did those words tumble out of my mouth, he turned me over and give me six quick slaps to my backside.

What's up with the six whacks? It is a lucky number when it comes to beating some kid's ass?

Officer Sullivan flipped me back over, onto my feet. He straightened out my hair and fixed my clothes. His normal cheerful demeanor returned to his face.

"You won't be doing that again, will you Raymond?" He asked me in a gentle tone.

"Nnnooo sir!" I managed to stutter out. I was embarrassed, but I think being more frightened than ever before somewhat made me forget that.

"Then be on your way."  He ordered. He then said, in such away to make it seem nothing just happened.

"And have a wonderful day."  He was smiling now. He seemed to be impressed with himself for coming up with such a simple rhyme.

I didn't even respond. I just ran the other way. I now had tears in my eyes. It wasn't so much from the pain of being spanked twice, but because I felt humiliated.  

I didn't know which way to go. Should I go to ball field, as planned, or just go back home and hoped my mother didn't find out what happened?

I decided to go home, for I didn't want to see Johnny and Shane. I became angry once again. Angry at the fact my two friends seemed to abandon me to take the full responsibility of our group indiscretion.

I cross the empty lot once again. The one where I broke a window. Mrs. Cavellini was there with her husband inspecting the broken window. She didn't noticed me, or at least she didn't acknowledge the fact that she did.  Either way, I was relieved she paid me no mind.

As I was nearing the edge of the lot near my street, I saw someone who I hoped I would never see each passing day. Now once again, he will create more torment in this one.

End of Part 3

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