Friday, December 5, 2008

Writing is therapy

I am generally a content person, but like many others, I have my moods. I try not take my negative emotions out on others, so I try to use them in a positive, somewhat creative way, utilizing a constructive outlet. Writing happens to be one of these ways. I do it because it soothes me. I can be myself, with no one having to HEAR what I have to say. They choose whether or not they want to READ it, and in risk of sounding vain, I do like it when it is READ. You do write to be read, don't you agree? I must admit, I feel better about myself if my writing actually helps others. There are people who say they can relate to some of the things I write. They like, in fact, that there are others who share the same opinion they hold, that they are not alone. Then, of course, there are others who don't hold your viewpoint. They are sometimes negative, even hostile, toward you. They call you names, and say you don't know what you are talking about. I like that as well, because again, it means someone is reading what you are writing. It is a double-edged sword. I have been told I am descent writer. I know there is much room for improvement. There are many good, even great writers here, and I like to read their work, maybe learn a few things. I also try to encourage other people, who have quality writing, but do not write nearly enough. I try to leave comments on their blogs and I wish more people would actually do the same. It would inspire others to put out more work. I think, in general, writing for most people, is therapy. The page represents the shoulder to cry on, the punching bag, or even the first shot glass. It helps them cope, to relieve the burden of a stressful day. It makes feel productive, like they are actual contributing to something great. Well, it least I know it is for me. By the way, thanks for reading.

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