Friday, December 5, 2008

Excuse me, Mr.Crowe?

I was working in Boston a few years back, and on my way to work, I stopped at a coffee shop to get some breakfast. As usual, at that time of morning, the wait was long. As I was standing in line, a woman a few years younger than I at the time tapped me on the shoulder. "Excuse me, Mr. Crowe.
I am sorry to bother you, but I really loved you in Gladiator." She was staring at me with those eyes of admiration. Now this is not the first time this happened. On most occasions though, the people would say " You know, you look like Russell Crowe" I would respond; "Thank You, I wish I had his money." Then we would laugh, have a little small talk, continue with our lives. This time I decided I was going to play. "Why, thank you very much, miss" I said in a Australian accent with a hint of West Coast US. I continued, "I am glad you enjoyed the movie. I like to hear comments, and means more when they come from a beautiful woman." I was smiling at her. I thought she was going to jump on me. She was giggling like a school girl, holding my hand, touching my face. She was acting like I was a Hollywood actor, not thinking clearly on what she was doing. I must say, I definitely liked the attention. So I said " My lady, would like a picture with me?" "OMG! I would love to," she responded. So I asked a someone if they didn't mind taking it. An older lady volunteered to do it. She was trying not to laugh. "Do you mind if you took off the sunglasses?" The fan asked. Now mind you, the big difference between Russell and I is the eye color. His eyes are blue. (contacts I was told later.) Mine on the other hand, are a common and the not so distinguishable color of brown. I hesitated, but I could not disappoint a fan. So I took off the sunglasses. She looked into my eyes..... Then she punched me in the arm. "What a jerk, making me think you were actualy Russell Crowe." She yelled, and stomped out of the shop. Everyone in the place was laughing, I did too, getting caught up in the moment. As the laughter subsided, I said in the same accent as earlier: I guess she didn't like me as much as I thought." More laughter from the crowd. "Good morning, sir. May I help you?" I responded, "Yes mate, I will have a large tea, from a fresh billy, and a chokkie muffin, if you please. Where is the shit house around here"? She was laughing too. Paying for my food, I noticed I was missing something. "Hey, has any of you tall poppies seen my sunnies?"

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