Friday, December 5, 2008

Damn your girl is hot!

I was eating at my favorite restaurant one day last week sitting at my usual table closest to the entrance. I noticed a couple in their twenties walk through the door. The woman looked like this: I kid you not, she looked like a model. I see beautiful woman all the time, but I think I looked a little too long on this occurrence. The woman's boyfriend took exception. He comes over to me and says, "What the f**k are staring at a**hole ?" Now this guy looked like he could be the starting linebacker for an NFL team. I say, " I'm sorry man. I did not mean to stare at your girl, but she is going to turn a lot of heads because she is incredibly hot. I would think you would smile, put your arm around her and say to yourself that " yeah she is hot and she is mine." because you are one lucky man." He simmered down, actually shook my hand and said he was sorry for overreacting and when back to his sizzling girlfriend. I was like this guy once. I would get angry when a guy would eye my woman a little too long. Now I just smile , give her squeeze and tell her how beautiful she looks. Now the question ladies and gentleman. Does the stares of other men toward the woman make her man jealous? Does it validate her beauty in his eyes? As a woman, does it make you feel angry when he overreacts or you like the attention? Well, your thoughts anyone?

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