Friday, December 5, 2008

How Dare They Boo Us?

I am a sports fan. I just can't help it. I watch just about all of it. My favorite though is football. The NFL to be exact. I grew up in the Boston area, so I go with the hometown team, The New England Patriots. You know, the three time Super Bowl Champs. The one that has a chick magnet in MVP QB Tom Brady. The thing is I haven't gone to a game in years. I can't get tickets, and if I could, they are a little beyond my price range now at average cost of $118 a seat and $45 dollars for parking. So I have to be content on watching on TV. As many of you know, Tom Brady is out for the season with a serious knee injury. Now the Pats start Matt Cassel. The jury is out on him. As of week 3, He played two games and is 1-1. It is the losing game that perplexes me. It is not the loss itself, but the players who are complaining that the fans booed them. In week 3, the Pats played the Miami Dolphins, the team that were 1-15 last year. Miami steamrolled to a 38-13 victory. It was ugly. The Pats quit during the game, so the fans let them know about it. They booed. Some of the Patriot players took exception. How dare they boo us?! We gave them 3 championships. We made the franchise respectable again. How can they disrespect us like that? Well fellas, let me enlighten you. You are professional athletes. You get paid great money, more money then most of us will ever see. Who do you think pays your salary? We, the fans, the ones that buy the most expensive tickets in the league, the ones that buy the caps, the shirts, and other memorabilia. We deserve a reasonable return. How about doing you best? You quit playing, we are going to boo. It is that simple. In all fairness, some of the players complain that the home crowd is not with them even when winning. The stadium is too quiet, they say. I asked a couple of friends who have been to some of the games. They say the true fans are suppressed from being too loud because the guy behind them, talking on a cellphone, is complaining. You are kidding right? You are at a FOOTBALL game. You are suppossed to be loud and obnoxious. It is the one day you can just let go from the grind of daily life. The band wagon jumping guy who is only there because it gives him some stature is the one they should kick out for not being loud enough. Gee, you can't have fun anymore. It is true that we as sports fans are selfish. We all love a winner. If you lose, we are disappointed, and we might even boo, but we still love you. You start winning, we are once again you best friend. This is the nature of the beast.

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